Achieve a Healthy Work/Life Balance

As a TAB Franchise Owner, your days will never be the same. You will enjoy a fast-paced, high-energy lifestyle with the newfound freedom afforded by proven franchise methods.

“TAB has afforded me a quality of life most other business owners are envious of by providing a revenue model that allows for a consistent revenue stream as well as other product or consulting income.”
TAB Franchise Owner, Baltimore Washington Corridor

Owning your own TAB business provides you with a tremendous amount of flexibility, variety and control. As a TAB Franchise Owner, you will discover the true meaning of work-life balance. Your diverse array of day-to-day tasks and activities will build networks around your community for which you serve as the primary hub.

Business ownership – as opposed to employment or self-employment – offers significant flexibility and control. See the following schedule from a real TAB Franchise Owner:

achieve a healty pic

A typical week for a TAB Franchise Owner would involve:

  • Prospect Meetings. You will get the chance to interview prospective members for your TAB Boards. Sometimes these prospects are interested in joining a TAB board and sometimes they’re not. Regardless, you get the opportunity to meet all kinds of interesting and influential local business owners.
  • Coaching Sessions. These are individual meetings with your members. As a seasoned veteran of the business world, your knowledge and insight will help their growing business, whatever their industry, and be instrumental in their long-term success. You become their trusted advisor and have an opportunity to make a real difference to their business and their lives in these private coaching sessions.
  • Board Meetings. In addition to individual meetings and consultations with your TAB members, each month you will facilitate board meetings where all of your members gather together to discuss their challenges and opportunities and not only learn from you, but benefit from each other’s experience.One TAB Business Owner shared that when he comes home in a great mood his son asked him if he was at a board meeting that day. These meetings are invigorating, educational and create a special bond between the members and the facilitator.
  • Speaking Engagements: TAB Franchise Owners are frequent speakers on business topics at events such as the local chamber or rotary club.
  • Personal Activities: TAB Franchise Owners control their own schedule, therefore, they are able to schedule time to pursue their hobbies and spend quality time with their families.

It takes 23 hours per month on average to service an 8-member board. This includes board meetings, coaching session, preparation time and travel time. It’s a very efficient model that supports the balance between work and life.

The work/life balance, the variety and the control over their schedule does make TAB Franchise Owners the envy of their colleagues. You may also be wondering whether you are qualified to successfully deliver TAB’s services.

Learn more about our training programs that help new TAB Franchise Owners of diverse backgrounds to be successful.

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