Earn a Good Income

The thing TAB Franchise Owners love most about owning a TAB business is the satisfaction they get helping private business owners. TAB Franchise Owners also enjoy earning a good income. The TAB model provides a significant and flexible opportunity to make a good income:

  • It is a Subscription Model where members pay monthly membership dues.
  • The monthly dues provide a reliable monthly income, unlike the “feast or famine” model which is common with consulting businesses.
  • Franchise Owners become the Trusted Advisor of their members. As a result, when a member needs help, they turn to their facilitator. A significant additional consulting income opportunity exists.
“Being part of the TAB family has been a great experience. My income has steadily grown as I have focused on growing my business. Additionally, the professional and personal growth I have experienced working with TAB and my TAB members has been fun and extremely rewarding.”
Blair Koch, TAB Franchise Owner, Denver

While we cannot make any promises about the amount of income a TAB Franchise Owner will make in their business, we are able to share information from item 19 of our franchise disclosure document. Specifically:

  • Top quartile of Franchise Owners gross membership dues, Business Assessment Fees, and Strategic Business Leadership Coaching fees of $166,527 – $617,970
  • Additional income as reported by Franchise Owners from the TAB opportunity earned by the top quartile of franchise owners ranges from $73,300 – $258,000
  • Combined membership dues and additional income as reported by Franchise Owners from TAB opportunity earned by the top quartile of Franchise Owners ranges from $294,230-$743,755

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