Invest in Yourself

You’ve probably made lots of investments over your life. Have you ever considered investing in yourself? Owning a TAB business provides you this opportunity.

If you’re like most people who are explore running TAB Boards, then you have accumulated a wealth of business knowledge over your career. The TAB opportunity allows you to leverage this asset, make a modest investment and control your own destiny. This investment not only has the potential to lead to a significant income  but is also an equity-building asset that you can then sell when you are ready to retire or pursue another venture.

Unlike a consulting business, the TAB business ownership opportunity is not built around the knowledge and relationships of the business owner. Because the board members receive value from their peers, the boards can continue to thrive with another facilitator. Moreover, the TAB model allows for the TAB Franchise Owner to hire other facilitators, which provides a scalable model for income growth. A TAB business is a performing asset which can be quite valuable when the owner decides to sell.

“I have been a TAB franchisee for over five years now and I am very pleased to state that…my cash flow is dependable, I have access to and from time to time use the TAB tried and true method of attracting new members, I have a very recognized brand and I am never alone! On a regular basis I am able to tap into the massive wealth of expertise and experience that my fellow TAB franchisees have and equally importantly I have easy access to the wonderful support staff at TAB head office who have demonstrated time after time that they are poised at any time to help me to continue to succeed.”
John Womack, TAB Franchise Owner, Mississauga

TAB is not a highly controlling franchise opportunity. Many TAB Franchise Owners continue to operate the consulting businesses that they started before joining TAB. TAB offers the ability to maintain or develop an existing independent business consulting practice. This potential for multiple revenue streams provides for a lucrative opportunity for our owners.

Our franchise owners can maximize profits from low overheads as a TAB franchise requires no inventory and no permanent premises. Set-up costs are kept to a minimum as you can work from home. All you need is a venue for your monthly board meetings – which is often a member’s place of business.

The other great thing about the ROI of TAB is how efficient it is. In a survey of TAB Franchise Owners, we found that it takes 23 hours per month on average to service an 8-member board. This includes coaching sessions and travel time.

“TAB, when I purchased my franchise years ago represented for me and still represents the best of all possible ways to create what I call a “lifestyle enterprise”. It enables me to control my hours; to use my accumulated expertise to the benefit of others (a very important part of my Personal Vision); to earn a very solid monthly income to supplement and (of necessity) strengthen my “retirement” accounts. Most importantly, it challenges my mind and my competitive spirit on a daily basis. It gives me freedom without boredom.”
Bernie Moscovitz, TAB Franchise Owner, Low Country

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