What a TAB Franchise Owner Does

TAB Franchise Owners run dynamic, membership-only board meetings every month where members pool their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the group. Each board consists of up to 10 business owners and CEOs of privately-owned companies.

In a trusted, candid and confidential setting, decision makers from non-competing companies in diverse industries meet to solve problems and evaluate opportunities in their markets. Along with discussing the business challenges they face and exploring new possibilities for increased productivity and profitability, members will also hold each other accountable for results.


“Once I become a TAB franchisee, I knew that this is exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my career. I love helping business owners achieve their full potential. The support from corporate has been outstanding. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love and make a great income along the way.”
Bob Marro, TAB Franchise Owner, Denver

As a TAB Franchise Owner, you will nurture the growth of local businesses. Through a platform of knowledge and guidance, you will deliver real-world advice that provides a results-driven advantage to help business owners stay focused on what matters most. The impact you have will ripple through your community as you facilitate positive change by performing top level coaching, business owner board facilitation and business consulting.

In addition to facilitating TAB Board meetings, you will also provide individual coaching sessions using TAB’s proprietary tools and processes. Working one-on-one with TAB members, you will analyze their business and help them create a customized strategic plan that will allow them to reach their business objectives and personal vision.

As one TAB member says:

“TAB makes me focus on my business during the meetings and coaching sessions, taking a hard look at myself and my company with the perspective of some very sharp people who only have my interest in mind.”
Ken Drossman, TAB Member

Members give TAB very high marks on board meetings, private coaching sessions and would refer TAB to other business owners at a very high rate. See the Membership Satisfaction Survey Results.

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