What Makes a Good TAB Franchise Owner?

There’s no right or wrong background to come from. There’s no golden qualification or former position held that will make you a great success as a TAB Franchise Owner. The only thing guaranteed to ensure your success is YOU.

As with any business, what you get out depends on what you put in. Successful TAB Franchise Owners have many characteristics in common.

  • Self-motivated with the drive to succeed
  • Committed to achieving personal and professional growth through tenacity and hard work
  • Possess strong business development aptitude

  • Passionate about helping fellow business owners
  • Effective communicators
  • Hold to a standard of high integrity and strong personal character

Our brand’s success is based on the quality of the people we invite into the system. Ideal candidates are transitioning executives, experienced consultants and former business owners, with experience in a senior-level role – either in a corporate environment or as a consultant to business executives. Our most successful Franchise Owners are aggressive, hungry to earn a great income, results-oriented and excited about long term growth.

“As a business model, TAB offers a very powerful combination of enabling me to retain a high degree of autonomy in my decision making, whilst being supported by a really capable and motivated central team. The key to getting this balance right is both parties being genuinely aligned in their vision for my business i.e. quick but sustainable launch, targeted marketing, and an ongoing commitment to delivering fantastic service and value to our members, whilst ultimately delivering great returns for me.”
Ed Reid, TAB Franchise Owner, York

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The TAB Story